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[Get an access to a wide network of top employees at a reasonable cost due to work on a remote basis]

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It’s time to find out how recruitment takes place

Transparency in customer relations is our priority. Therefore, you pay for our work only a month after the employee starts working.

Moreover, you have the right to replace the employee during one month after payment at no cost.

Staff your team in record time

Thanks to a systematic approach in candidate search (CRM database of 20,000 candidates, advertising on Google, Facebook, YouTube, direct employee search), we will help you to qualitatively close up to 92 vacancies a month.

Develop a proposal
1 day
Run an advertisement
1 day
Receive applications from candidates
2-4 days
Candidates evaluation
2-4 days
Receive documents from candidates
3-4 days
Sign a Job Offer
1-2 days

Stop spending months looking for candidates!
We will select 20 experts without specialized education or 2 experts with specialized education for you in 15 days!

Types of services

Yourcountry is not only professional help with employee search, but also legal support afterwards.

When ordering any service, you will be assigned a personal manager.

Spend your time on cool projects instead of looking for people!
Yourcountry: your reliable assistant in the building of a strong team

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