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The Yourcountry’s mission—
is to provide reliable jobs for Europeans in the European Union helping them to achieve their life goals

Oleksandr Andriichuk
Founder of Yourcountry

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Every day our team works to help the best European employers and employees find each other

Our experts

In 2010, he completed a one and a half year professional internship in Denmark where he studied the intricacies of internships and work abroad.

He created Yourcountry to help employees like himself.


Founder of the company

Payment for the company’s services is made only after the employee has passed the probationary period.

Roman is the lord of the numbers who helps the company to prevent cash gaps and to stand firmly on its feet.


Chief Financial Officer

Five years ago, Yourcountry started helping people find legal work in Europe. Today we have more than 6,000 customers from European countries.

Olena helps us to enter European markets and learn about cultures of the countries we work with.


product manager

Lina uses 360° recruitment, looking for good employees when the deadline is “yesterday”.

She maintains a large-scale CRM database of 20,000 candidates, launches ads on Google, Facebook, YouTube and uses direct employee search.



47 official partners regularly choose Yourcountry to search for new employees. This happens thanks to our customized approach.

Natalia analyzes the employers’ and employees’ expectations to help choose the perfect combination at the first try.


employment consultant

Thanks to systemic business processes, we can qualitatively close dozens of difficult vacancies when the deadline is “yesterday”.

Yurii, along with other consultants, helps European employers to close up to 92 vacancies per month.


employment consultant

Thanks to the conscientious work of consultants, we can give clients a 100% financial result guarantee.

Consultants, including Tetiana, not only check candidates, but also make prompt replacements if necessary.


employment consultant

We support the employers and employees we work with.

Сonsultants, including Nazar, help to get a work visa for employees and to employ them in accordance with the legislation of the selected country.


employment consultant

Oksana is a personal manager who maintains constant contact with employers and employees.

She promptly gives advice to everyone, answers questions, solves difficult situations and helps the employee until (s)he passes the probationary period.


customer service manager

YourCountry – reference service DURING and professional support AFTER finding employees

Reliability first of all

The prerequisite for productive cooperation is peace of mind of both the candidate and the employer.

Therefore we work legally, according to the License from the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine on employment mediation.

License in Ukraine
License in Poland

Spend your time on cool projects instead of looking for people!
Yourcountry: your reliable assistant in the building of a strong team

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